By Kandice Henning

What story do you tell yourself about your life? Life always continues to happen around us: ups and downs and everything in between. We cannot control life… who gets hurt, who dies, whether a disaster happens, etc.- but we can control our reaction. We can choose to be a victim or not. We can choose if we let what happens to us define us, or we can choose to create our path.

As things happen around us we create a story around it. When your boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you, you can choose to be a victim and go into a ‘poor me story’ and start to wonder what is wrong with you or you can choose another story. You could choose to believe that you have learned everything you needed to learn from the relationship and there is a better one out there for you. Or maybe, you choose to be on your own for a while and build up your own personal strength. The point is… that you get to choose the story, no one can force a story on you. And if they try, don’t take it! You own your story and your personal power.

This goes for anything in your life. Maybe you were not selected for the sports team or club that you wanted? Well, perhaps there is a better place for you to be focusing your time. One that will ultimately benefit you more. Or maybe it is a message that you did not work hard enough for it and if you really want it, you should formulate a new plan to get to your goal.

Next time something does not go your way, instead of taking personally, try taking it as guidance towards a different director. Remember that YOU choose the story, so make it a useful one. As an old Harley Davidson ad said, “When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.”